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Need Help with a traffic ticket in Nevada? Have you lost a recent traffic ticket? Have a warrant for an unpaid ticket? Contact us now and we can help put your troubles behind you. In most cases we can handle the traffic tickets for you, so you won't have to go to court.

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Fix Your Ticket
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Lookup Your Ticket
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Fix Your Warrant

Nevada Ticket Lookup

Nevada Ticket Lookup and fix is your solution to getting your traffic ticket thrown out. Completely.

Have you been wrongfully been given a ticket in the state of Nevada? For instance, you and your family go to Las Vegas for a trip, rented a car and your hotel had no parking because there was a convention pre-booked that was never mentioned to you? You are from New York and are used to parking on the streets and are careful watching the signs.

You go to Cirque du Soleil show which cost in and around $100.00 per person. You have parked your rental about 3 blocks away as the parking lots are full and overpriced as it is on this family trip.You paid the meter by using Parkmobile. This is a pay by phone parking solution for parking areas in Las Vegas where Parkmobile is offered. You come out of the show, and had a great time. You walk to your car and on the dashboard is a ticket for $150.00 dollars. You are angry and surprised. This family trip is becoming and out of budget experience. You wil need the service of a Las Vegas Traffic Ticket Fix.

Take another instance. You live in the state of Nevada and you are like many local residents who are outraged by the fact that free parking is practically obsolete and you have to pay for parking. You have worked on the Las Vegas strip for years. One day you park outside to pick up a friend and decide to quickly grab a coffee at Dunkin Donuts. You come back not even seconds later, and there is a ticket cop citing you a ticket.  Again you need the services of Traffic Ticket Fix Las Vegas.

In both instances, what can you do? You can go to court yourself on pure chance that the traffic cop won’t show up in court. You have a better chance of getting yourself a lawyer to fix the ticket and you won’t lose points. With Ticket lookup, you can find out if you have any other unpaid tickets, your hearing status, and payment status, or how much is owed and if your tickets are in judgement.

You will have to take some action to handle your traffic ticket. This of course will be determined by the traffic court and every jurisdiction is different. It is a good idea to get an attorney to handle this right. Whatever your circumstance may be. You could have a lost ticket, or you just need to fix the ticket, there is a solution for you!

Nevada Traffic Ticket Lookup and Fix

  • You can use our service directly on our website
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Follow the step by step instructions
  • Convenient
  • Fix and be fine free

Options when you receive a Traffic Ticket

  • Pay the ticket right away
  • Don’t pay the ticket in spite
  • Fight the ticket yourself and lose
  • Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney

What if I lose my ticket?

  • Use the Traffic lookup locator
  • Simple lookup
  • Easy to Retrieve lost tickets or citations
  • Searchable by license

Why it’s important to hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

  • They know the judges and decision makers
  • More tactful and professional knowledge of the system
  • They are familiar with the local rules

Do I need an Attorney if I didn’t pay my ticket?

  • A warrant for your unpaid tickets will result
  • An Attorney that specializes in traffic tickets is the best way to go
  • Avoid losing points and actions against your driver’s license

There are several ways that you can Fix a Ticket Las Vegas. There is the right way and there is the wrong way. Every traffic ticket will have different outcomes contingent on the traffic court laws in your area. Substantial fines and demerit points really depends on the gravity of the violation.

Cheap Nevada Traffic Ticket Attorney

Ben Bateman cares about his clients. He has his own law practice. He is very concise in his cases and treats every single case quickly and effectively. A native of Dallas, Texas, Bateman graduated from Hillcrest High school where he played football. He also received a degree from BYU Grew in Political Science. Ben took a trip to South America where he learned to speak Spanish fluently. This makes him bi-lingual and able to help out any Spanish speaking client.

Ben Bateman is the leading Attorney at,

Don’t become a victim of the system!

Once you get a ticket, you may face more than just fines and even a make an appearance in traffic court in front of a judge who already has had a long day. Who wants that? This can also happen:

  • Action taken against your driver’s license
  • Your driving record points doing down
  • Court appearances
  • Time lost from your job to appear in court
  • Traffic School or anger management courses

Some of the advantages of Ticket Lookup are :

  • No Insurance increases
  • Reducing Fines
  • No missed work
  • No mandatory class
  • Maintaining your dignity
  • Working with a lawyer that cares

Get control of your ticket today. Ticket Look up and fix is the way to go!

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Fix Your Ticket
Fix Your Ticket
Lookup Your Ticket
Lookup Your Ticket
Fix Your Warrant
Fix Your Warrant
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